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  Web Site Design Web site design takes an important role to design website more attractive, nice and charming. Web designing is both art and science. The duty of a creative web designer is to design the home page, logo and all other web pages in such way that the effective result could be appear in look and feel. Web designer attain the following element while designing web pages.

Graphics appeal visually over Internet and boost the traffic dramatically. Graphics or pictures are the showcases of our business. So we should keep the quality of graphic to attract visitors and recommend the site other.

Flash is used to represent our business dynamically. So flash should be- best color combination, sense in sequence of picture or text. So we can say that flash animation are plus in web designing and make sure the effective online presence for your business.

Link's color should be matched to web page. Links should be underlined so that visitor can make sense about link.

Company Logo
Logo represent the website. So it should be unique, charming and fast downloading. Logo should be designed such that visitor can make sense about your business.

Navigation buttons and bar should be consistent through web site. The buttons and bar should be easy to use because it provides a clue to users or guests about the whole site-structure.

We can say that images should be downloading fast. The alt attribute should be exit in all images. The index page has to be fit of 640*460 pixels. We can use graphic elements to break the large text so that content should readable.

For getting high visibility and ranking in search engine, the design should be according to the search engine's design guideline. The alt tag should be defined for each image and also use targeted business keywords in alt attributes. The image size should be minimum and quality should be maximum as possible.

We at NEXUS IT SOLUTION have a talented team of creative web designer, graphic designer and flash designer. These guys are highly committed to design web site in more attractive, innovative and good look and feel solution. We offer wide range of array for small or big corporate web site design.

Please feel free to Contact Us for more detail. We will suggest you within one or two business days.
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